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Self employed fitness instructor - expenses and capital allowances

Self employed fitness instructor - expenses and...

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A fitness instructor started self employment on 14th March 2014 and has a year-end of 31st March. He therefore needs to report the self employed income and expenses in his 2013-14 self assessment return. His income in that period was only £20 but he would like to claim pre-trading expenses going back 6 years, this will generate a loss to carry forward to 2014-15. These include

gym clothing

boxing gloves

some gym equipment

Special vitamins and nutrients taken to "build up" to a required level for training 



Training courses to develop knowledge of fitness training

Training courses for how to run a self employed business

Can he claim these expenses and if so, which ones would be Capital Allowances (car, clothing, computers & equipment)?

In respect of the Capital Allowances, what type of capital allowance would they be categorized as on the tax return?


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By mrme89
23rd Jan 2015 18:41


I love a good wind up.

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By duncanedwards
23rd Jan 2015 20:34

Sounds like he needs an accountant.

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By Gmb
23rd Jan 2015 22:44

I think he needs a door and would hope that it didn't hit his very muscular, chemically enhanced arse[***] on the way out.

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By Anne Robinson
24th Jan 2015 16:19

Did the self employed training course not include all this?

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By JacqulineSmith
14th Apr 2015 06:15

I think he must have an accountant to solve all the issues related to the gym instructor, gym equipment and evrything.

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