Self-employed furlough payments

Isn`t this automatic?

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I thought HMRC were paying out based on the last three years automatically?  Now I`m getting texts, phone calls and emails from geezers asking me to claim for them?  

I note its not open till May 13th but is this updated way for self-employed to claim a furlough payment or a confusing add on?



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By Steve Holloway
05th May 2020 11:52

How could it have been automatic? HMRC don't know whether someones business has been affected by the virus. The calculation is automatic but was always going to be subject to claim from day one. Good news however is that is doesn't look like you can make the claim anyway .... down to the geezers!

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Replying to Steve Holloway:
By Lutondata
05th May 2020 12:50

I had read the Aweb article. Just read it again and it says they will be contacted mid May and to respond. HMRC will have the figures?

Aweb article below

Coronavirus self-employed scheme: Get the details right

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By SXGuy
05th May 2020 13:02

I must have missed when hmrc started employing clairvoyants to know that a) a clients bank details and b) that they have lost trading income as a result of the corona Virus.

Will make my life easier as I won't have to file a tax return anymore since they will already know the figures.

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By Duggimon
05th May 2020 14:03

The new tool released allowing you to check if you are eligible for a claim has been misunderstood by roughly 98% of the people to whom it might apply.

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