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Self Employed Income Support Scheme

provisional figures

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will provisonal figures be accepted for 2018/19 for the purpose of the SEISS - I suspect not, but cannot find any guidance to confirm....can anyone advise?

I've told the client that there is little chance of getting actual figures for the year in by 23rd April - they havent even provided any records yet and its a big job! hence they wants to submit provisional figures

I do feel that they are taking the P155 somewhat

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By SteveHa
08th Apr 2020 12:46

I feel that they are taking the proverbial more than a bit. Three months late for submission, and when their own tardiness (which I assume is driven by a desire not to pay) is about to cost them, they expect you to pull out all the stops?

I'd tell them to whistle. However, to answer your question, I suspect the process will be automated in HMRC, and so would expect any figures that are put in the right boxes to be used.

If the taxpayer deliberately tries to inflate their income, then I'm sure HMRC will come down on them like a ton of bricks when the correct figures are submitted.

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By Tim Vane
08th Apr 2020 13:53

The scheme is for those affected by the downturn. If your client has been too busy working to complete his SA then I suspect he doesn't qualify as an adversely affected business.

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