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Self Employment Registration....

Self Employment Registration....


Just wondering if anyone is still using the simple online form on HMRC website to register for Self Assessment and National Insurance contributions for newly self employed even though it states, its to be used by those re-registering!!!!

I have used it for three new registrations, but am a little concerned that something goes wrong - suppose if no UTR is received within 6 weeks or so then should start worrying.

Any experiences would be welcome.




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By DMGbus
10th May 2012 20:31

Used twice as an experiment, last year

I tried this out with two new clients last year.

One received a UTR, the other didn't.

So posted a copy of completed online form to the HMRC (what I call) "document depository" at Long Benton and still no UTR.

Will next send a copy of online completed form with a blank CWF1 endorsed accordingly "see online registration".


I have proof of online registration in terms of eMail back from HMRC at the time, looks like someone isn't doing their job properly at Long Benton - my guess is that they think that they work at a "document depository" ( = storage facility - stock pile work rather than work through it same day received) rather than at a place where they actually have to work and process data.


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