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self employment UK

self employment UK

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Hello, I hope someone could help me. I live in mainland Europe and I will be providing services to UK clients and in European countries. Is it possible for me to register as self employed in the UK for this? I do not live in the UK and will not be in the near future.

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By alberto1969
18th Feb 2014 07:49

Also is it allowed for me to be Ltd if I want to be?

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By johngroganjga
18th Feb 2014 07:55

If you are not resident in the UK for tax purposes you have no reason for registering with HMRC.

Yes you can set up a UK limited company if you wish to.  You should take advice on the implications of doing so.

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By tebthereb
18th Feb 2014 23:09

What's the nature of the trade?

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