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Selling accountancy practice in London

Looking to sell the small practice that I have built over the last few years

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Does anyone has experience in buying or selling an accountancy practice. I have built a small, good client base over the last few years. However, due to a few personal reasons need to come out of it for a while. Therefore, looking to sell at a very reasonable fee.

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By Wanderer
13th Jul 2020 16:47

I believe that GRF is the main initial consideration that will influence how you go about a sale.

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By AZaka
13th Jul 2020 16:54

I agree, it's close to £50k at present.

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By Slim
11th Aug 2020 09:22

You should sell that easily, probably to someone starting out.

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By ninja
12th Aug 2020 10:02

Hi AZaka, I have inboxed you.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
12th Aug 2020 15:59

FirstTab if he is still around might be your man. I know he purchased a small block of fees a few year back.

Plus if you do a deal with him, it will make a great story on here.

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