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Selling on Amazon

What reports we need to download from Amazon to do VAT returns.

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We have clients who sell via Amazon. They sell in Uk and Europe and they sell standard and zero rated goods. Can anyone advise which reports we need to download from Amazon to enable us to do the VAT returns please. We belove the necessary info ought to be downlaodable but at the moment the reports we are finding are contradictory or lacking in some way. Advice from anyone with similar clients would be garetfully received. 

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By johnt27
08th Apr 2019 12:47

Have you considered using something like A2X?

I must admit for any clients I have that sell online we integrate this kind of stuff to avoid the pain you're currently experiencing.

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By weuk
08th Apr 2019 13:15

Dear Jane

Please see below an excerpt from what we brief our clients:

Amazon sales are credited direct into your Bank A/c after Amazon has deducted their commission which is net amount. For VAT purposes we require gross sales figure, as you pay VAT on the gross sales and not the net amount.

Report for Sales
1. Go to reports
2. Choose payments
3. Choose Generate report
4. Choose report type as summary
5. Choose custom date range or month
6. Choose download. This will be a pdf file
7. Repeat step 3 again but this time choose report type as transaction
8. Choose custom date range or month
9. Choose download. This will be a csv file

Hope this helps. This is a tedious exercise but needs to be undertaken.

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