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Sending HMRC statements direct to client

Can anyone tell me how to change the few clients that have their statements sent direct to me?

I do not want to receive the statements of account twice a year but two or three are posted direct to me by HMRC and I would prefer they were sent straight to the taxpayer. I cannot see anywhere to alter this online. Might have to phone the agent line? Thanks.


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11th Jan 2017 16:25

I can't see a way to do it online either. I just post them back and tell HMRC that nobody has ever asked that we receive them, so update their records and post them out properly. I doubt that they ever do, so we make sure that the client knows the amount due

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By SteveRA
to Cloudcounter
11th Jan 2017 17:06

That's roughly my approach to unwanted stuff from HMRC but the statements are useful reminders for clients so I am resigned to making a phone all or two. Thanks for response.

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11th Jan 2017 18:36

Fwiw, I don't think you can do it online either.

The danger with sending them back is that HMRC might think you're no longer the agent.

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11th Jan 2017 18:46

Raise a paper 64-8. Make sure the box "send statements to agent" is not ticked. Submit. Wait.

Or phone the agent helpline.

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12th Jan 2017 15:16

I had to do this yesterday. Just call the agent helpline and they will untick the box, it took seconds. When you are sending in the paper 64-8 make sure you don't tick the send statement to agent box.

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