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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) companies - any good?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) companies -...

Is it worth subscribing to one of these services?

The particular company we're considering is Unitel Direct.

Thanks for any feedback.


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13th Apr 2012 11:19

Don't bother

I have a client who operates in this field and he informs me that Google pulled the rug from under the SEO business recently by banning various practices, making his business worthless in one fell swoop. So if they're saying that they can still get you on page 1 etc, ask them exactly how they're going to do that.

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By philrob
13th Apr 2012 14:21


You have spelt it wrong. SEO should be spelt











At least for most of them.

If your site is well well designed (so it is accessible to Google's Robots) and regularly updated with relevant content it will be more prominent than if it doesn't/isn't.

Google publish their own guidance on this matter. Which includes:



Before beginning your search for an SEO, it's a great idea to become an educated consumer and get familiar with how search engines work. We recommend starting here:

Google Webmaster GuidelinesGoogle 101: How Google crawls, indexes and serves the web.


That aside, there are some businesses that can add value to search optimisation, particularly if you lack the time/inclination/capability to do the work yourself.

If you do want to DIY then

Googles own guide (pdf) is here:







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By Kryton
13th Apr 2012 14:30

Yes and No.

Hi newmoon,

the rise of SEO companies is a bit frightening - in that there are many good ones out there but also a lot of fly-by-night companies. Companies like Google are always moving the Goalposts because of how some of these cowboy SEO companies work. But their changes are making it harder for people who "cheat" in the world of SEO to compete. We recommend the following company on the basis that they get good feedback and have visible success for their clients. (Yes they are also good friends!)

Look them up on the web and give them a call.


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13th Apr 2012 18:39

I would recommend you look at before you engage a SEO expert so that you know what you are paying for. To be blunt any one can SEO it just do you want to spend time doing it rather than doing your work.


I still buy adwords and I do my own seo


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13th Apr 2012 20:15


@AlwaysonBooks, agree with you.

There's a theme developing here, its just like business owners doing accounts and tax returns themselves.

Is this time well spent and how much could they have earned in that time doing their proper work?

Yes there are plenty of SEO cowboys about (like accountants), there are also some very good one's.

Very happy to recommend:

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12th May 2013 16:55

How to choose a good Seo Company

Well there are lots of Seo Companies providing result oriented services,money back guarantee and so on.But in my opinion best way to check any Seo Company performance is check its own rankings on Search Engines.


It means if any Seo Firm do not rank on top 10 with certain keywords how can they assure you the services.Only having a dashing design and look do not certify quality that can be trusted.

Kindly choose Seo Agency after good research not only by fame but by performance.Even a new Seo Company equipped with ethical Seo team can be a better choice.

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By punam
12th Jul 2013 11:14

the particular increase involving SEO businesses is often a little scary - with there are quite a few beneficial people out there but additionally a lot of fly-by-night businesses. Businesses including Yahoo tend to be usually moving the particular Goalposts due to just how some cowboy SEO businesses perform. Yet his or her changes tend to be turning it into trickier for those who "cheat" on the planet involving SEO for you to compete. All of us propose the next firm for the schedule them to acquire beneficial suggestions and have absolutely noticeable success for their clientele.
seo linking methods

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