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Service Sales to EU B2B - Post Brexit - Sage Code

What Sage Tax code to use? T0 or T2?

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Hi All,

Quick question - We currently providing services to an EU company and originally we were using T22 as our tax code. Since Brexit should this change T0 or T2?

Thanks for you help.

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By lionofludesch
08th Jan 2021 17:33


More Sage codes.

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By DKB-Sheffield
08th Jan 2021 21:28


In reality, it's outside the scope (as with non EU sales). However, HMRC are very good at saying the supplies are "outside the scope" so should be "zero rated". I suppose they key thing is that the sales show in box 6 and nowhere else.

Regarding the Sage code... depends how your Sage company is set up. So long as the mapping is correct, you could use T42 (42 being the meaning of life etc.), T19 (the special COVID VAT code) or even the new T46 (Biden VAT code... don't use T45 as that will be obsolete after 20th Jan).

With reference to lionofludesch, there are so many occassions where Sage codes crop up on this forum. However Sage are not HMRC and their codes do not always reflect reality. Besides, it is so easy to change the mapping of a code that your T22 may not be the same as my T22 - especially as I have clients who have used Sage since the Sterling days!!!

Have Sage not already provided the answer in one of their Ask Sage articles (or whatever they are calling them this week)?

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