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Setting up a CGT account and driving licence ID

HMRC thinks our clients have Northern Irish driving licences when they don't!

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With the requirement to report and pay CGT within 30 days of property sales, we find the most difficult part is getting the client's own HMRC account set up.  For example, on 3 occasions, when it has come to identifying a client as part of the account set up, HMRC has asked for their Northern Ireland driving licence when they have a UK driving licence.  It is quite annoying as they don't have other ways of identying themselves other than the UK licence but it is definitely an NI licence being looked for (which have a different licence number format).  Then you are down to trying to answer the credit check questions which, in my experience, clients will usually fail because they can't remember when things happened.  I am just wondering if anyone knows the best way to feed this back to HMRC and see if they can deal with the issue of identying the driving licences as NI. Thanks!

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By lionofludesch
11th Jun 2021 18:05


What else can one say ?

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By Hugo Fair
11th Jun 2021 20:46

Assuming that even for HMRC there has to be some method in their madness, is there something common in these applications that relates to N. Ireland?

Are you, as an Agent, based there? Or do clients have home or business addresses there? Or have you selected an nidirect variant of the GOV.UK launch page?

If not (and still clinging to the hope that HMRC haven't become entirely random), has this previously worked for you (without this insanity)? If it's the first time you've tried, is it possible that something on your PC (or whatever device you're using) is indicating NI as your location?

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By vtsoftware
12th Jun 2021 13:26

My son had the same problem trying to log into his personal tax account for the first time. He has no connection with Northern Ireland.

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