Setting up a limited company for client

Confusing requirements to set up government gateway account

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It's a while since I set up a new Ltd co for a client. Today I tried using HMRC's site and was immediately asked to set up a government gateway account using my own email address.

I have a nasty feeling this will end badly.

Can you please advise if I should continue with this approach.

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By Paul Crowley
02nd Nov 2022 11:32

First formations is who I recommend clients to use
Just a matter of telling client what to enter where

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By Crouchy
02nd Nov 2022 13:06

another vote for 1st formations, far quicker and easier than a direct incorporation with companies house

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Replying to Crouchy:
By Paul Crowley
02nd Nov 2022 14:56

Never understood why people bother trying to do it direct.
If my unsophisticated clients can operate a formation agent's software at £10 a time, I just choose to let them do it. Often new companies are set up without any involvement from us.

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By Moonbeam
02nd Nov 2022 11:39

Well I took a deep breath and ploughed on and nothing dreadful happened!

It would be nice if someone at HMRC actually told us all the steps we need to go through in advance when setting up anything with them these days.

That's far too helpful of course.

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By Truthsayer
02nd Nov 2022 12:00

I've done it that way, and all went fine.

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By doubletrouble
02nd Nov 2022 12:29

I do the same, never had a problem

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