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Setting up a payroll bureau

Setting up a payroll bureau

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Hi folks,

How much sales effort is required to get a payroll bureau up and running?

Thanks in advance for your input.


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By Cazzy
08th May 2015 16:32

Payroll bureau
It is not so much the setting up but being informed enough to run one. There are so many rules and regs with RTI and the ever present HMRC threatening penalties that I find that it is important to have checklists for every stage. Unless you are very knowledgable about payroll and SSP,SMP,spp, AOE etc etc it can be a minefield. Also with the ever looming auto enrolment not for the faint hearted. I have run a payroll bureau for some years and we are finding that the more independant accountants are looking to use someone like my company to carry out their payroll services. However getting yourself known is not easy and has taken a lot of contacts and marketing. Hope this helps.

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By readingaccountant
09th May 2015 18:34

Thanks Cazzy, this is a good insight.



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By Tom 7000
12th May 2015 11:02

hard way to earn a living

you are better filling in self employed tax retiurns, more lucrative

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