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Setting up DD with HMRC online as employer

Setting up DD with HMRC online as employer

I dare say I could get the answer by ringing the employer (not terribly)Help(ful) line, but last time I did that I had an hour of trying to get through with recorded 'we are far too busy to talk to you, try again', to finally get through and then be on hold for a further 20 minutes to speak to someone only to get reverted back to the same 'we are far too busy to talk to you, try again' message.  If I go through that again this week my nerves will be completely shredded!

I am looking to set up a direct debit under our online log-in - all terribly simple or so it seems.  HOWEVER.  I only want to do this for the class 1a NIC having filed my P11ds on line, nothing else.

Can anyone point me as to which boxes I need to be ticking in the choices??

Please select

  • Corporation Tax (CT)
  • National Insurance Contributions (NIC) - Quarterly Bill
  • National Insurance Contributions (NIC) - Deficiency Notice
  • Other Liability (Payment reference beginning with 'X')
  • Pay As You Earn (PAYE
  • Self Assessment (SA)
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)
  • Tax Credits (TC)

It's not NIC quarterly bill and it's not a deficiency notice.....??

If I am being blind (always a possibility) I apologise for wasting your potential time!



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14th Jun 2012 15:18
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14th Jun 2012 15:30


Assuming you are paying the Class 1A NICs for 2011/12, the entry in the Year end and month box should be1213.

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15th Jun 2012 10:43


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