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Setting up new payroll for existing company

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On 21st March I completed the online application on our HMRC account to set up a payroll for one of our companies, my employment being transferredd to same  via TUPE on 2/4/24. The HMRC site indicated 15 days turnaround. We are now 16th Aprill and no sight of anything from HMRC, not even a letter with a PAYE/NI reference number. I am of course also requiring to create a new AE schemed but cannot see how to do without a PAYE reference.

Does anyone on here have any idea how long it takes HMRC to set up PAYE schemes these days, as the days are running out within the month and I will soon need paid?


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By DKB-Sheffield
16th Apr 2024 15:29

I registered one on 10th March... it came through yesterday! Also an existing company so, nothing untoward to hold it up.

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Replying to DKB-Sheffield:
paddle steamer
16th Apr 2024 15:37

Thanks- that is reassuring, so hopefully end of month ish.

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By Paul Crowley
16th Apr 2024 16:11

Still waiting on one from early March. But it would not surprise me if client has just ignored it.

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Johny Fartpants Picture
By johnny fartpants
16th Apr 2024 16:50

The last online application I submitted was on March 6th. Letter with PAYE references received April 9th.

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By carnmores
16th Apr 2024 17:51

yes it takes about 3 -4 weeks set up 2 recently

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