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Setting up SA online for a trust

How/where can this be done

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We have two FURBS (Funded Unapproved Retirement Benefit Schemes), both have been around a while, both submit SA900s, both have existing UTRs, both earn nothing (they are partners in an LLP which some day might spout out some profits but maybe not for quite a few years)

For years I submitted  their returns under my agent code but no longer having  one last year I posted in returns and of course got fined as after October.

I ought to have sorted online SA accountrs before now, but tempus fugit. (they are not high on my agenda)

How/Where does one set up an online SA account for a trust, if anyone has a link I would be  very grateful as I appear to be browsing the internet in circles?

What info is needed, I have UTR, address and am myself a trustee, is that enough for a trust or is more needed?

Grateful thanks for a steer in the right direction.

Once set up I can lodge from Taxcalc but until set up  SA online accounts returns cannot be submitted


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paddle steamer
09th Feb 2022 09:35


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By Jane Evans
09th Feb 2022 12:08

If you want to see the SA account for a trust you just authorise the agent access in the same way as for a normal SA client, ie on the old agent system.

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Replying to Jane Evans:
paddle steamer
09th Feb 2022 12:20

I am not an agent, that is the point, I was but gave up my part time practice.

I submit these as part of my employment, I am an employee of the property "group" owned by the two families who set up these FURBS but I cannot find out how a trust sets up an online SA account for itself if there is no agent.

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By gainsborough
09th Feb 2022 15:55

I don't act for trusts but this link may help (setting up Gateway ID for trust at bottom of page):

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Replying to gainsborough:
paddle steamer
09th Feb 2022 16:11

Thanks, I will give that a try, I have been going around in circles online trying to find the appropriate place to register.

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