Shall I submit AM103 form to HMRC via email?

Received AM103 form via email 

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Dear Members,

Email address I have been requested to send from to [email protected]

There is number as well where a guy picks up the phone and talks to me straight away. 

I have been told if I do not submit the form, my codes for self assessment and corporation tax will be stopped by 07/02/2024. 

Is this a any kind of fraud?




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By WinterDragon
01st Feb 2024 14:19

Can't see any references online to the email address you cite and you haven't included any context as to why HMRC have requested the form other than to stop your access being stopped.

Looks like from this thread ( that it's something to do with your AML supervision status. Doesn't sound like scam or fraud but just verify the email addresses/phone numbers are genuine HMRC contact points.

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By SXGuy
01st Feb 2024 15:15

I'm guessing you didn't provide proof of aml supervision or have registration with hmrc. Or you updated your agent address and have been asked again to confirm your status.

They usually give you a while to send the details so unsure if you've left it till the last minute or not. But I've never heard of it being requested by email.

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