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Share options now vested for non UK tax resident

Was UK resident now overseas - where taxed?

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Would somebody help confirm?

Client was employed in UK and share options issued, now moved to Aus and now non-UK tax resident. Share options previously issued during time in UK employment, have now vested.  Employer believes they should be payable through UK payroll (and taxed in UK payroll) as options were issued due to employment in UK.  I presume this is correct, client checking where taxable (ie UK or Aus) and I can't honestly answer one way or the other.

NB. I prepare client SA - rental property, he has an Aus accountant (who he is checking with also).

Has anyone come across this before?

Thoughts appreciated.

Thank you



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11th Jan 2019 09:36

This should be a good starting point: It also gives the link to the rules which came in during 2015.

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By lja20
to gainsborough
11th Jan 2019 09:56

Many thanks - exactly the source I needed.

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to lja20
11th Jan 2019 12:34

Glad it helped.

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