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Shared office space

Shared office space

At the moment I work from home but am considering moving into a shared office space (one other person who works in a completely different field).

I'm happy that I can deal with security of files and electronic data, but I'm trying to work out how I could protect information that she might overhear when I'm on the phone.

I have asked the Institute and they have told me to take legal advice.  Thanks for that.  

Has anyone else had a similar situation?  And if so, how have you dealt with it?  My thinking is that a non-disclosure agreement should do the job if drafted properly.

Thanks in advance.


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05th Dec 2012 17:50

Reality is important

I personally would never contemplate sharing an office with someone not in my business, as you could never be sure that the clients wouldn't find out about this. No matter how many legal agreements you have in place, it's what the client thinks that is more important.

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05th Dec 2012 21:49


Wow.  The institute ducked the question and avoided being any help whatsoever?  Well I never.

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By Sarah P
06th Dec 2012 12:38

I wouldn't plan to be underhand about it with client.  I really don't think my clients would be concerned about it.

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07th Jan 2013 14:06

Non Disclosure Agreements... helpful but...

Hello there

I note the mention of the use of Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA).  From a strict legal perspective, NDAs are widely used in business to protect the disclosure of confidential information.  

However, from my time in practice - I think NDAs are more used to "drive the point home" with the other party about the need for confidentiality in the circumstances.  In practice, NDAs are extremely difficult to enforce in the Courts since you would need to show that confidential information had been obtained, disclosed and publicised such that there would be a breach of the NDA.  To complicate matters - what would be the appropriate remedy in these circumstances?  Money?  Cessation of use / publication?  

Unfortunately - what you would want most - i.e. that the information was kept confidential - is probably the one thing that the Courts could not give you.  

Best wishes with your decision - let me know if I can help further.


Nicolina Andall


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