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Shared Parental Pay

Shared Parental Pay

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Is shared parental pay always paid at rate of £ 148.68 per week or 90% of salary which ever is the lower during the shared parental leave period. What happens if shared parental leave block of 4 weeks starts 2 weeks after date of birth . Would this be paid at 90%  of salary ? or  the £ 148.68 per week of salary or 90% whichever is lower.

The scenario is the mother takes the compulsory 2  weeks SML and SMP after date of birth. Curtials her SML and husband then takes 4 weeks Shared Parental Leave and Pay. ( He is the high income earner) .

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By kestrepo
13th Jan 2020 12:35

How much pay you’ll get

ShPP is paid at the rate of £148.68 a week or 90% of your average weekly earnings, whichever is lower.

This is the same as Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) except that during the first 6 weeks SMP is paid at 90% of whatever you earn (with no maximum).

From your post if the husband takes ShPP earlier the 6 weeks at 90% would have to be foregone.

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