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Shared rent - home office expenses in partnership

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I rent a 2 bed flat with my girlfriend. The total rent is £1581. My girlfriend pays £650 and I pay £931 rent. The second bedroom I use exclusively as a home office. We agreed the rent split partly on the basis that I would be the only one using the office.

On what basis should I calculate the expense of my office?

The proportionate share of my rent - 1/3 of £931  = £310

The proportionate share of the total rent (the "real" value of the office) - 1/3 of £1581 = £527

The difference between mine and my girlfriend's rent (kind of arbitrary) - £281

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By lionofludesch
15th Dec 2019 16:14

What advice has your accountant given you ?

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By penelope pitstop
15th Dec 2019 23:55

A good question. But first, some questions.

It appears you have bedroom 1 plus bedroom 2 plus some other room (no. 3).

Is there a kitchen and living room as well. I am struggling to see where the 1/3 proportion comes from.

And in whose name(s) is the tenancy agreement in.

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Replying to penelope pitstop:
By Accountant A
16th Dec 2019 01:03

penelope pitstop wrote:

A good question. But first, some questions.

And further, if you are "an IT contractor with a ltd company"

why are you posting on "... the largest independent online community for accounting and finance professionals in the UK"

And why does "an IT contractor with a ltd company" think that his work should be paid for but accountants should give him valuable professional advice for free?

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