Shareholder Rules, Can a student be a share holder?

Shareholder Rules, Can a student be a share...

 Hi all

Just a quick question, Can an Overseas student be a shareholder?

There is no restriction written in Companies Act but just wanted to know if some one has dealt with that.

Thanks in advance.


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03rd Nov 2010 13:34

shouldn't be an issue

Firstly you'll need to check the company's Articles of Association just to make sure that there's nothing stopping you just issuing shares to this person (for instance pre-emption rights in favour of existing members or their family).

But otherwise, no the Companies Act  has no restrictions on where shareholders are resident, or what their occupation may be

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03rd Nov 2010 14:35

Student shareholding

Generally there's no restriction in the Companies Act on an international student being a shareholder of a company. The only restriction I'm aware of is an international student can NOT be a director of a company. I hope this helps.

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By neileg
04th Nov 2010 17:00

Sorry not right

Overseas students are not barred from being directors of UK companies. The only requirement is that they are aged 16 or over.

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