Sharepoint, VT final accounts and VT Transaction+

Annoying problem with linked entry VT final accounts when VT Transaction+ file is held on Sharepoint

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Hi all,

I've just moved my very small part time practice onto Office 365.  An annoying problem crops up when I link a final accounts file to Transaction+ though - each time I double click on a number, it tells me that the file can't be found, so I have to browse to the Transaction+ file to re-link to the final accounts file, and then everything's fine.  ....Until I try to click on a different figure, when I have to go through the whole routine again.  It's not stopping me doing the work - it's just annoying.  Both files are held in the same folder as each other on Sharepoint.

Is anyone else using VT and Office365/Sharepoint in the same way as me, and is it working for you?  And does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?  I'm not even sure whether it's a VT problem or a Microsoft problem.

Any helpful thoughts would be much appreciated.



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