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Shares and dividends


Hi, after some advice with alphabet shares from a company that have no voting rights and receive an individual receives a dividend every now and again is they a more efficient way to not pay the higher rate on dividend income.

if the dividends are paid directly from the company into an isa are they still subject to tax?


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23rd May 2018 21:48

1. Depends entirely on the shareholders' income.

2. Yes, of course.

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24th May 2018 08:48

What do you mean by “more efficient”? More efficient than what?

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24th May 2018 23:20

If shares are not listed or approved employee share scheme cannot see an ISA as a possibility

ISA-Eligible Investments

According to the HMRC, the investments listed below can be placed within a stocks and shares ISA:

Shares issued by companies officially listed on a recognised stock exchange anywhere in the world

Shares from an HMRC-approved employee share scheme

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