Shares ownership

Can a Uk limited company own shares of an Italian company?

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Good morning, 

I was wondering..

I have an Uk company, and i would like to own 100% of shares of an Italian company?

Is that possible? 

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By Truthsayer
03rd Aug 2023 08:53

Yes, it is possible that you would like to own 100% of shares of an Italian company. Having established that, get proper legal and accountancy advice before doing anything.

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By lionofludesch
03rd Aug 2023 09:05

I'm just wondering why you mentioned the UK company.

Was there some implication?

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By Leywood
03rd Aug 2023 09:39

From your two posts this morning, it appears you are doing a lot of wondering.

Take some professional advice, less likely to get things wrong / a headache.

For clarity

Try google for the one in Italy you will need.

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By nrw2
03rd Aug 2023 10:46


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