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Sharing an excel file with client

Sharing an excel file with client

I have a large spreadsheet that requires updating by myself and some bits by the client.

What is the best way for us both to be able to access it and update and then save, i was thinking about using maybe a onedrive or dropbox.

I think if we just email it across there is a risk we could end up working on difference versions, so ideally would like us to access the same file.


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25th Feb 2016 11:50


I use Dropbox to share spreadsheets with clients, it works very well for me and have had no complaints from my clients either.

When setting up a new client folder now I setup a sub-folder entitled '[Client Name] Shared' which I link to Dropbox then send the client a request to join. The client can then setup their own sub-sub folders to share other documents (such as invoices) with me as well as the bookkeeping spreadsheet.


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25th Feb 2016 22:46

Google docs
Import it into Google docs, then you can both work on it simultaneously without fear of conflict

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By mabzden
26th Feb 2016 10:17

I agree with Healthpay

One small note of caution is I've imported existing Excel files into google docs before and there were some formatting and other import issues. So I would check the imported file carefully and correct any problems before proceeding.

Once you're happy you can then invite the client to share the document - you just need to give google docs the client's email address.

Once you're made the initial effort, it will be more straightforward and reliable than using Dropbox etc.

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01st Mar 2016 00:02

OneDrive works really well with Excel as you can imagine with them both being Microsoft products. You can actually work on the same file and the same time and Excel shows you were the other person is editing. You both need a onedrive account and then you can setup a folder and share the folder or just one file with the other person.

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