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Shopify for online store

Has anyone used this software

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My client operates an online store with the platform shopify.

They have sent hundreds of sales invoices through the post when I specifically asked them to export a csv file or pdf documents of this information.

When I asked them to send a report they didn't think the software was capable of supplying this type of file. Has anyone used Shopify before and can you direct my client to the area to run reports on sales activity.

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paddle steamer
19th Dec 2018 16:37

Yes, I have a client who used to use shopify, he downloaded in I presume csv format into excel them incorporated into cashbooks- in effect daily sales takings sheets

They even managed to do searches by address for overseas sales to non EU countries re proof re exporting, and give me that report re the vat return adjustments needed

No idea how it is done ,my client did all the work and they no longer use Shopify.

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