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Short, Dark and Ugly Accountant

Short, Dark and Ugly Accountant

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My goregeous niece is getting married in two weeks. She has asked me to give a speech. Her expectations are very high since she says I make her laugh all the time. Trying to make an audience laugh, that is nerve wrecking for me.

As it is I am nervous about giving speeches. Yesterday I was starring at the blank screen trying to think of something to write. I do not want to disappoint her.

I would be grateful for:

  • Tips to ensure I at least look calm, in control and confident
  • Ideas on the content of the speech
  • Any jokes you can share


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By mwngiol
18th Nov 2010 16:47

Well done

At the end of the day it's your niece that matters :)

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By mikewhit
18th Nov 2010 17:35

Cultural differences

Maybe you should be aware of (or even research and make use of !) any cultural differences/clashes between the Scots-English "sides" ?

I am mindful of this having recently seen on a "Cultural differences" opinion piece about an English-Swedish wedding here, where the Swedish side expected speeches saying what a paragon of virtue the bride was, whereas the English friends of the groom were laying into his reputation unremittingly, making the Swedes wonder what kind of person the girl was getting married to.

And if all else fails, you can always fall back on thanking the correct people and giving praise at the niece's various accomplishments in life - culminating in choice of the "right bloke" !

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By FirstTab
18th Nov 2010 18:07

Thanks mwngiol and mikewhit. 

Appreciate your comments.

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