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Shortening year ends

Shortening year ends

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I am hoping to shorten a company year end to 31st January 2015, unfortunately our client is out of the country until this Friday, is it possible to e file the accounts and AA01 at the same time or is there a time lag to enable the year end reporting date to be updated. I am aware that shortening a year end will give me an additional 3 months filing time so I may use this if necessary but I would like to get the accounts in before 31st October to keep the affairs tidy.

Any thoughts anyone.


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By petersaxton
26th Oct 2015 18:48

Just do it

One at a time in the correct order.

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Big Daddy's Diner
By mookgirluk
27th Oct 2015 09:18


As long as you're electronically filing the AA01 it should update in Companies House systems within a few hours, you can then file the accounts.

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