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Should I strike my ltd company off with loss?

Can I deduct the losses from tax from previous years to a new business with the same company name?

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hi I have a ltd company, havent traded since establishment of 2016, up to day £11,000 costs occured and had been carried on the company accounts. It was originally planned as a furniture company. I am planning to strike it off and set up a ltd company on my name to do marketing consultancy. My accountant says I should keep the company so I can deduct my taxes from the £11,000 loss carried loss.  Can I do this keeping the ltd company,  the costs occurred related to a furniture website, accountancy, company phone number(no furniture was bough or sold, investors pulled out so there was no direct cost related to furniture purchases).  Where as I am moving into consultancy; a completely different line of business.  I don't know when I will start making money from the consultancy business.  It will cost me £30-40 to set up a new company rather then paying £200 for company account filing to company house. What should I do? Many thanks. 

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By Sarah Z
24th Sep 2021 12:21

I would find an accountant that gives you the correct advice about carried forward losses

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Replying to Sarah Z:
By David Ex
24th Sep 2021 13:20

Sarah Z wrote:

I would find an accountant that gives you the correct advice about carried forward losses

I’m well out of date but did the rules change about C/F loss use in 2017?

Whether there are other issue re the losses, not sure!

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Replying to David Ex:
By Paul Crowley
24th Sep 2021 13:48

Not considered any of this in years, But my recollection was change of both trade and ownership before losses get killed

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By stepurhan
24th Sep 2021 13:32

So many things wrong it is hard to know where to start. You need competent paid for advice to confirm the correct treatment of the historical position, let alone any future opportunities.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
24th Sep 2021 21:58

Forget whether it’s actually able to happen or not; are you trying to ask whether it’s worth £160 to retain £11k of tax losses?

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By Tax Dragon
24th Sep 2021 23:41

How can there be trading losses if there has never been a trade?

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