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Should my client be charging US sales tax ?

They supply Amazon's US fulfillment centres who ship the goods to customers on their behalf.

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Is this the same as supplying a US customer directly (which they also do) where they don't - obviously - charge VAT?

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By WhichTyler
12th Dec 2019 11:38

Without seeing the contracts it ishard to be sure, but it sounds like the end customer is still the customer and your client is buying fulfilment services from Amazon...

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By Wanderer
12th Dec 2019 13:48

I thought that it could be relevant if you had stock stored in the US.

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By paul.benny
12th Dec 2019 15:00

As a general rule, sales tax is due if the seller has a presence in the state. Whether having stock in a third party warehouse brings them into scope, I don't know.

This will be a commonplace problem and it's very likely that amazon (US) has some guidance for sellers. There are also seller forums where your client may be able to get help.

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By Matrix
12th Dec 2019 15:31

Maybe but do you really want to become an expert in US sales tax? Refer your client to an expert.

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