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Show of hands for Accountancy Manager?

Show of hands for Accountancy Manager?

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Who uses Accountancy Manager for practice management? It seems abit steep to me. Is it worth the money?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks all.


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By daniel_
11th Apr 2018 16:40

We use it, but have an early-adopter offer at £29 per user per month. Would definitely have to re-consider if the prices were standard.

Overall we're happy with it. Not currently using all of the features, but the core functions (client list and task list) work well out of the box and the automatic syncing with CH is excellent.

I will admit the cost is quite high, and in a pinch a well thought out excel workbook or even MS Access database could do an OK job of organising everything.

It's also worth mentioning that if you ever wanted to move away from AM, the standing data is very portable just by exporting the client list and all fields.

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Replying to daniel_:
James Byrne
By jamesbyrne
14th Apr 2018 14:00

Hi Daniel,

Great you are using the software. It sounds like we need to work with you to ensure you are using all of the features to their full potential.

For the readers out there, I think it's worth mentioning that AM should be saving at least one hour per client, per annum through the automatic chasing of clients for information and automated reminders.

If you use the onboarding system with proposals and letters of engagement then you'd be saving even more time (not to mention the automatically generated tasklist/workflow for each staff member).

An accountant's hourly rate might range from say, between £100 -£250, therefore, as an example, a practice of 5 staff (standard AM cost - £195 +VAT) amounts to no-more than a couple of hours of time for that month.

Therefore, AccountancyManager should be a saving rather than an expense and if it's not, we would need to work with you to ensure it is.

To ensure all our customers are using all of the features to their maximum potential, we have arranged a number of technical webinars over the next few weeks to demonstrate their full potential.

Please get in touch if you would like to register.

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By Maslins
11th Apr 2018 17:01

We use Senta, which I think is a similar product.

Been using it maybe 6 months now, still feel we're only scratching the surface of what it can do. It is a fairly new piece of software, so it's far from perfect, but it's improving rapidly. Gets my thumbs up.

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Replying to Maslins:
By Mark_NW
11th Apr 2018 21:52

Senta here as well.

Again, not using all the functionality but very pleased with the parts I am using and happy with the price. I am sure I could do more with it but one step at a time. Great support from Phil and his team.

Looked at AM but for me Senta had a more preferable look and feel - but obviously that is personal preference.

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
11th Apr 2018 17:16

A bit steep?

Are you having a laugh?!

Implement it, use it properly and the time and error savings will more than cover the cost.

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By andy.partridge
11th Apr 2018 18:24

The functionality is growing almost daily. I am glad I am in now and not in a year's time when it might seem overwhelming to a new user.

The price is tiny compared with the potential benefits but also the time you need to devote to getting it to work for you.

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By legerman
11th Apr 2018 18:38

Have a look at Bitrix 24. Not designed for accountants but it's free (to a certain point) so for basic CRM it should do the trick. Obviously it won't link to CH but you can set that up manually at the start.

Use the eu version as the data centers are in Europe, so covered under GDPR.

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11th Apr 2018 21:03

I am using Onkho, I have tried many different software packages over the last 5 or 6 years and have found this one the easiest to set up and implement. It is so far working well for us.

I don't think it would be cost effective for practices with a lot of clients at the £1 per client per month, however for a practice like mine where there is a dozen clients with 4 users preforming a lot of regular tasks for each client it is working out ideal.

The software is still being developed so as an early adopter I have found that the company seems to welcome the feedback and are open to implementing tweaks that are helping us with the usability.

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Replying to PAMDILL:
Susan Rahman
By Susan Rahman
13th Apr 2018 11:45

Hi Pamdill,

Thank you for your message, we will have a lovely surprise for you with regards pricing ! Watch this space .

Susan - Onkho

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By sarah douglas
12th Apr 2018 16:45

I am using AM an excellent product and time saved it pays for itself. Like anything you need to set it up so you get the use of all the facilities

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