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Signing in the practice's name

Signing in the practice's name

I know it's standard practice to sign off Accountants Reports (amongst other things) in the name of the practice, but I can't find any guidance on the legal position.

So far I have signed letters as:

Sarah X
For and on behalf of Weaver

My first Accountants Report is imminent so I would like to find out whether I am legally allowed to sign it as 'Weaver'.



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23rd Mar 2012 17:29

On my report I simply sign as an individual

fully detailing; my own name, followed by professional organisations credentials, the full name and address of my firm.

I'm sure even a Doctor's "squiggle" would suffice, as long as its clear, who said squiggle belongs to.

Hope that is of some use. Experience will bring "comfort" in practice administration.

Good luck

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By Sarah P
23rd Mar 2012 22:59

Thanks for your thoughts. I do wonder whether I over think some of these things!

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By Luke
24th Mar 2012 14:22

I sign mine as Luke Ltd

as that is the company I trade through. 

My PII is in Luke Ltd's name and I was advised at the time (can't remember by who) that there was no point in being limited if I ended up signing just Luke as then I'd be personally liable rather than the company if anything were to go wrong.

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27th Mar 2012 10:49


If you do independent examinations for charities you must sign them personally. My business name is my own name (oh the vanity) so its a no brainer :P



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27th Mar 2012 10:59

Also I do not sign accounts unless specifically asked by the client (e.g. if required for a mortgage company) - which seldom happens.

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27th Mar 2012 11:06

Signing accounts

I am a sole trader and sign client accounts in my own name as my accounting qualificiations are in my name.  I always send out draft accounts to the client, with "draft" accross each page.  This way if there are any queries by the client and the accounts are amended there is not more than one set of final accounts kicking around or being missused. 

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27th Mar 2012 11:15

sign in the company name

Sign whats on your engagement letters. We are TTCA ltd T/a Treetops

So we do


Chartered Accountants

269 Farnborough Rd

Farnborough Hants


If you are doing audits its different and you MUST  do


Thomas W McManners BSc ACA ACMI

Senior Statutory Auditor


Chartered Accountants and Statutory Auditor

269 Farnborough....etc

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