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Similar software to Moneysoft Money Manager?

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I find Money Manager 6 very easy to use but it will be very difficult to install on any new laptop or computer that are 64bit. Can anyone recommend a software that is similar to MoneyManager 6 and has the feature of Final Accounts.

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By bernard michael
13th Jan 2019 10:28

You'd be wiser to get a better computer.
Moneysoft is the best.... OK in my opinion

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By legerman
13th Jan 2019 10:33

Why? Although I never used Money Manager I did look at it and it installed no problem. My computer is 64 bit but it doesn't stop you installing 32 bit software.

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By Mike Austin
25th Jul 2019 17:37

I have been using MM since the DOS version in 1992. I continue with MM+FA version 6 on Windows 10 using a Virtual Machine with VMWare Player. I run Windows XP in the VM together with other old software that Windows 10 cannot run. You do not have to give up MM6.
I regularly check the Moneysoft site for a new version of Final Accounts, but it seems they are never going to do it.

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By Whisky
13th May 2020 16:31

Hi all,

I know this thread is a bit old but thought I would add my 2 pence worth. Similar to the user using VMware Player and running it on XP.

Moneysoft Money Manager appears to use a 16 bit installer so will not install on a 64bit operating system.

My work around is on Windows 10, (64 bit) is to use a Virtual hypervisor and install Windows 7 (32bit) on that and then install Money Manager 6 onto that. I used virtualbox for this as its free. You do need a Windows 7 32bit license when setting up Windows 7 but it works fine.

I work in IT but I just set this up for a accountant over a Zoom call.

Hope this helps.

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