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Simple accounting software including balance sheet

Is there simple accounting software which includes balance sheet production?

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looking for simple software to maintain trust accounts including balance sheet production- I know this can be done on Excel, but am looking for an inexpensive tailored package .


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20th Mar 2019 14:13

Are you looking for software to create Accounts of Charge and Discharge or something else?

In days past there were a number of Law Accountants who offered the service, solicitors passed them copies of the client ledgers and they created the accounts from same, however I am these days only a trustee for two fairly simple trusts, one in final stages of wind up once HMRC give us a refund, so no idea what is available- the trust accounts come from the solicitor and I merely review, and with the ongoing one (Life Trust arising from my father's estate) we pretty much get by with a receipts and payment account typed up in house.

I suspect most software is likely an add on to bespoke software created for solicitors.

Here is one package I found on google, no idea if any good.

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