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Simple Assessment - Lat Payment Penalties

Are HMRC raising late payment penalties for Simple Assessments?

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Does anyone know if HMRC are raising late payment penalties for Simple Assessments?

My understanding was that they have the powers available in law to do so, but have not actually raised any so far.

I see very few Simple Assessments so am not sure if that is still the case.  

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By Wanderer
17th Feb 2021 19:04
Updated on 9 July 2020

Do HMRC charge interest and/or penalties on Simple Assessments?
HMRC can charge interest on the underpaid tax and penalties for late payment of tax in respect of Simple Assessments.

It is our understanding that they are currently not doing so.

Only had one in last twelve months so little practical experience.

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By hereisthelink2021
21st Feb 2021 09:42

My client had quite a big one (approx £5k) and I suggested he asked for a payment plan - HMRC said there was no formal way to do this but if he just keeps making regular payments that would be OK. So I don't think they are interested in penalties at this stage...

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