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SIMPLE Job Control System PLEASE


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We a small and simple practice. We are not interested in Jobs followed by tasks that are needed to do the job and staff allocation. Also no interest in time sheets. 

All I am looking for:

1. Client Name (For each client)

  • SA100 deadline? Completed? for the Following  year automated deadline (rolling), if job completed 
  • Accounts - as above
  • CT 600 as above 
  • VAT as above
  • CT600

2. SA100 outstanding all clients. Same as above for other areas

3. Work completed on all areas. 

Do not want Accountancy Manager - too much for us. As regards, TaxCalc looks the same way. 

Any suggestions for something simple and straightforward would be greatly appreciated. 

For us, software tends to make a meal out of something simple. It outweighs the time benefits of using PM software. 





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Danny Kent
By Viciuno
20th Jun 2022 17:33

Sounds like simple spreadsheets would do everything you are looking for? Simple if statements, filters, and conditional formatting could help you produce everything you need. Just takes a bit of time to set up.

f you are looking for something a bit fancier you could get someone with some know how to set up a few scripts for you to roll things forward, but probably nothing you couldn't throw together in an afternoon yourself.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
20th Jun 2022 17:37

you have neatly summarised why I just use a shared excel sheet (ours sits with the ultimate old school, google sheets as multiple users can edit at the same time).

One tab for each tax. Jobs just roll up from the bottom, and are moved up each time it goes through a process (eg past year end, then chased, then in, then allocated to someone to work, then allocated to me for review, out to client, paid, filed etc) then until they are all checked as filed and then rolled down the bottom again.

Simple, effective, infinitely customisable. This outweighs to my mind the probably extra time it takes moving stuff about.

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Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
By williams lester accountants
21st Jun 2022 06:59

Any chance you could share your spreadsheet? I think we may benefit from something that has been used and tested rather than trying to make one from scratch!

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By FirstTab
20th Jun 2022 21:16

Thank you Viciuno and ireallyshouldknowthisbut.

I was hoping to get what I need from TaxCalc. On this aspect, maybe I do not know how to do it. It would be easier to see the status through TC since it would avoid duplication of updating the spreadsheet.

I have raised a query with TC on this aspect.

PM for micro-practices (keeping it simple) does not appear to be catered for well.

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My photo
By Matrix
21st Jun 2022 07:18

I recommend WhatsGlide.

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Replying to Matrix:
By FirstTab
21st Jun 2022 08:39

Thanks Matrix.

Accountancy Manager proved having two databases is time consuming and a headache to ensure consistency between Taxcalc and AM. There is zero integration between the two systems.

TC either needs to improve its own PM module or team up with PM software providers. To date, TC's approach appears to be Apple's way. Use what we have developed. No one can be good at everything, even the mighty Apple.

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By FirstTab
21st Jun 2022 08:48

Just had a look at Glide. Not suitable for us (micro practice). At £75+VAT per month, would not be value for money for us either.

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By Michael Beaver
21st Jun 2022 10:27

Have you tried using Trello? It's free, and whilst it doesn't integrate with your databases, once you set it up it's very easy to maintain. You create a list 'per status' i.e., awaiting info, in but not started, in progress, ready for review, out for signing, filed. We then copy the 'filed' from the last year back to the beginning again for the next tax year.

You can create lists by month for the companies, and by quarter for the VAT returns.

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Replying to michaelbeaver:
By FirstTab
21st Jun 2022 11:26

Thanks Michael Beaver.

I am looking into whether I can work with Taxcalc Prac Manager Plus.

I prefer not to have another software to work with.

If TaxCalc does not work out, I will review.

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Replying to FirstTab:
By WhichTyler
21st Jun 2022 12:32

Or the Planner app in MS Teams/Office if you use that platform, very similar to Trello

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By FirstTab
21st Jun 2022 21:47

This is feedback on the stage I have reached on PM software.

I could not get my head around setting up TaxCalc's Practice Manager Plus.

There is clear guidance by TC on the setup. It was I who was slow to grasp the instructions.

I think I have set up TC PM Plus in the way I want. Simple and effective. I will try and have a call with their support team, I want to make sure it will work the way I think it will. Reading the instructions it should do.

Only experience will tell, whether it will fit my requirements. early indications are it will. Finally.

As a micro/small practice what is your experince of TaxCalc PM Plus?

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