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Simply had to share this ...

Simply had to share this ...

We have received a letter from Debt Management & Banking, Croydon addressed to one of our clients.

The opening lines of the letter are -

"Our records show that you self assessment tax payment is overdue.

We will be checking how long it takes you to respond to this letter"

The  letter is dated 11th May and was not received until 31st May.

This from an organisation that admits to taking 6 weeks to open incoming mail.  

They really don't understand irony do they.


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01st Jun 2012 10:15

Budding comedian?

Maybe the author is a 'wannabe' comedian. He/she got a laugh from me so maybe they are heading towards a promising career :)

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01st Jun 2012 11:10

Was it dated April 1st?

Pot, kettle black! Ha ha

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01st Jun 2012 14:47


I would respond "we received your letter dated 11th May on the 31st May. in view of your checks on the time of response I would like to note that we are responding on the 31st May. Our response is that we do not deal with debt collection issues on behalf of our client, that is their responsibility. please contact our clients directly at the address you hold on file, rather than ours as agents. As we too monitor the amount of time it take you to respond to our letters and note it takes around  3 weeks for your correspondence to even enter the public postal system I will mention to our client to expect a letter from you in around 3 months time. " Yours etc

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01st Jun 2012 15:33

No, you really

couldn't make it up could you?

Reminds me of "I'm watching you Focker!" from Meet The Parents.

The phonetics couldn't be more apt.

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01st Jun 2012 16:22


Useless all round. I've just had my CT603 notice through for my own Company.. turns out I've appointed Tenons as Agents. Must be sleep signing things again.

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By Jimess
01st Jun 2012 17:20

It is so laughable

I submitted a formal written complaint at the end of April about the fact that I have not had a reply to correspondence sent out to them in September 2011, despite many many reminders.  I rang today to find out what was happening - the complaint letter went into the system on 22 May and guess what - no they could not give me a time frame for a response but they are currently working on 5 weeks! 

Perhaps my next reminder should say " I have contacted you several times on this matter and I have checked how long it has taken you so far to fail to provide me with a response to my original correspondence and the length of time it has taken so far (in days) is XXX, the number of telephone calls I have been promised a call back and never received one is XXX, the number of hours I have spent on hold waiting to be transferred from one HMRC advisor to another is XXX, the number of reminder letters I have issued to HMRC so far is XXX and the total amount of time I have spent chasing this matter so far is XXX therefore I am going to raise an invoice to H M Revenue and Customs for XXX plus VAT. Payment is due within 7 days and I will be checking how long it takes HMRC to pay it "


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01st Jun 2012 17:48


The mere mention of informing an MP usually gets your letter opened and dealt with!

I was personally told this by a disgruntled HMRC staff member who was as fed up as I was with the shambolic response times.

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