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Sit/standing desks plus treadmill

Your Experience

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I have been reading about the health benefits of sit/standing desks. They allow you to vary to sit or stand to do the work. 

I also came across a slow-paced treadmill to walk at a slow pace and work.

What is your experience of sit/stand desk? If you have a treadmill desk that is part of your working day, what is your experience?

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By Ken Howard
27th Oct 2021 15:44

I got a sit/stand desk a few years ago and it's literally (honestly) changed my life. It made me a lot more active. I.e. instead of waiting for a few things to do before I got up out of my seat (i.e. going to get a file at the same time as going to the loo or to make a coffee), it was easier just to go and do it. My step counter went up from a couple of thousand per day to 7 or 8 thousand, just by walking around the office more. It helped me lose a couple of stone in weight too. I also think it made my mind less sluggish, i.e. better blood flow. I'd very strongly recommend one. Just don't spend all day standing as it can lead to back/leg/ankle pain, especially if you're on a hard floor (I got a thick rubber mat to stand on), so do maybe a couple of hours standing then an hour sitting, then standing again, etc. I've not tried a treadmill with it, so can't comment on that.

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By Girl MondaytoFriday
30th Oct 2021 10:14

I'll second that! No more frozen shoulder and for some reason I find it much easier to sort messy paperwork while standing, perhaps it increases the area of desk that I can access? It definitely has me more mobile, I now dread going into client's offices where I have to sit for hours.

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By Richard_Carey
27th Oct 2021 15:51

I've got one of thossssss.......
...... sssstand up desk with treadmills, buttttttttttt..........
......... often find that if I set the speeeeeeeee d too fast I can'tttttttttt.......kkkeeeep up.

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By lionofludesch
27th Oct 2021 16:00

It's not for me.

I've given up working at a desk all day.

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By Tornado
27th Oct 2021 16:01

I don't know much about sit/stand seats, but I do not spend much time at my desk before having to get up to do something. Printing comes out of our copier and that is located away from my desk so I have to get up to collect prints and often to set up the machine before printing.

Perhaps stand/sitting for long periods is good for you, but I think just organising the office to ensure that you have to regularly get up during the day seems better to me.

As far as treadmills are concerned, we give these to the juniors who need the extra exercise and at the same time they generate all of our electricity.

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Replying to Tornado:
By CJS88
27th Oct 2021 16:42

What is this 'printing' thing that you do?

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Replying to Tornado:
29th Oct 2021 13:22

Juniors generating that a new form of ''green'' energy generation

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By Leywood
27th Oct 2021 16:10

I drink gallons of water a day. So I have to get up to go for that. Then I have to get up every 3 minutes to pee.

I can multitask quite well but am quite clumsy so can imagine a few banged heads and limbs even at the slowest rate on the treadmill. Just get plenty of insurance if extending this to staff.

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By rmillaree
27th Oct 2021 16:12

I guess the answer is if you have a toastie machine/bread making machine or a george foreman hidden at the back of your kitchen cupboard then a standing desk is not for you.

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Replying to rmillaree:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
27th Oct 2021 17:47

What if it’s at the front of the cupboard?

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By Slim
27th Oct 2021 17:57

I have one but I'm often only standing 5-10% of the time but I'm never in one place for too long.

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By paulcolman
29th Oct 2021 13:56

I've got a deskcycle to burn off a few extra calories and keep the blood flowing well. It takes a little bit of getting used to type and use the mouse at the same time but worth it. You'd have to check you have enough leg clearance under the desk.

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Replying to paulcolman:
By Vallery Lee
01st Nov 2021 09:58

Intriguing. Never heard of that but just looked it up and will order one.

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By Watbooks
03rd Nov 2021 08:39

Sit/stand desk has made such a big difference physically to me. One of the best purchases I've ever made, getting a decent one, along with a chair specifically fitted for my shape.

I got a balanceboard (69fit) and that is good. Less space than a cycle thing but still a minor workout.

Key is not exercise but variation through the day, so no standing, sitting, leaning, cycling, perching, hopping whatever for longer than half-one hour at a time.

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