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Small accountancy practice in South West (Dorset)

Thinking of seeking sale if possible

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Hi everyone

I have a small accountancy practice in South West (turnover £100k) - the practice has been growing quickly over the past few years, but due to health and family reasons I am considering stepping back. 
Does anyone reading this have any recommendations with regards to a broker in the area who can spare me a bit of time for a chat?

Should also say have reasons for being anon on this, but happy to pm if needed.

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By JoF
05th Feb 2020 17:05

Understand the need to be anon, but folk cannot PM you.

Lots of posts on here though with recommendations for brokers. Two stand out. Vikram somebody (I could search but sorry I cannot be bothered and besides you can search too, someone else might be along soon to provide the full name). Or Nicola Draper, Draper Hinks.

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Replying to JoF:
By James Green
06th Feb 2020 16:09

Vivian Sram Ltd. Ask for Kevin Smith

We've bought several times through them and always had a good experiance.

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By Red Leader
05th Feb 2020 17:16

They will all spare the time for a chat, don't worry on that score.

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By N.Draper
06th Feb 2020 10:00

I am Nicola Draper from Draper Hinks, I would be happy to talk to you about your situtaion in confidence. Please call me on 01788 816440 or email at [email protected].

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06th Feb 2020 12:41

We had a good experience with Nicola Draper, would highly recommend.

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