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Small Business Grant

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Question on the small business grants of £10,000

I have a workshop at my home address where my business is run from its used 100% for business use. All my machinery is in there and I spend my working day in there 

I get small business rate relief my company is a limited company and vat registered

Will I be eligible for this grant ?




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By fellowcraft
25th Mar 2020 22:04

If the RV is less than £15k and you claim SBRR then yes, I believe you are likely to qualify, no matter what industry you're in.

Your local authority should contact you some time in April with details.

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Replying to fellowcraft:
By macynwa
26th Mar 2020 10:33

Thankyou for the reply

Fingers crossed I was just hoping there wasn't any small loopholes as the workshop is at my residential address even though the workshop itself is 100% business use

Will have to wait and see



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