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Small Business Grant / RHL Grant Fund Query

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Hi Guys,

Having done a number of applications for small businesses who are either paying Business Rates, or have the Small Business Exemption, there are a number of clients that want to apply for it but dont have a Business Rates account number. Small businesses based from home etc.

Has anyone else come accross this and what have they done for them? Does this mean that they are not eligible for the grant as they are not registered for any sort of rates?


Thanks all.

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By claudialowe
14th Apr 2020 13:08

How can they claim relief against something they are not liable for? Unless they are liable for business rates (albeit claiming small business rate relief) then there is nothing that they can claim.

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14th Apr 2020 13:43

If they are based at home, unless they are liable for business rates on part of their home, they won't receive small business rate relief.

It is the receipt of the SBRR that qualifies businesses for the small business grant grant paying business rates on a property used for Retail etc is necessary to qualify for the RHL grant.

As claudialowe says if you don't have a business rates bill you won't get either grant

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By ry4n
14th Apr 2020 14:18

You need to be on the Rates system as of 11th March as well

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By khalm0
14th Apr 2020 15:32

makes sense and this is what I was thinking. wanted confirmation from others so thanks guys!

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