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Small business phone system

Small business phone system

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Evening We are in the process of taking extra office space and additional employee, upto date, we have managed in one room with a shared phone, now we will be in separate rooms and need to be able to transfer and hold calls, anyone know a good (and simple) phone system which will do the job. Will be 3 or 4 extensions. Have tried using our phone provider but to be honest, by the third time of pressing 1 to stand on your hand you get a bit bored.... Many thanks

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By The Iceni Warrior
21st Jul 2011 08:04

It depends...

. on how many outside lines you need.

-- Iceni

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By Jimess
21st Jul 2011 10:46


I don't know if this is available elsewhere than in my local area, but I use a system called Centrex.  You pay for the number of lines you need on a monthly basis and each line has it's own capabilities for transferring calls, holding calls etc.  You can also set up certain call barring functions to prevent unauthorised use for international calls, premium rate numbers etc.  The system can be set up so that if a call goes unanswered on say line 1 it will hop on to line 2 and so on until it either gets answered or reaches voicemail.  Probably a tad more expensive than just using a couple of analogue lines and you will need a separate line for broadband, but definitely cheaper than buying or leasing a switchboard system that requires a dedicated operator.  

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By bencooper
22nd Jul 2011 14:23

Avaya IP Office

Firstly go with VoIP as concerns around broadband and speeds etc are now either unfounded or easily overcome. I would always recommend a load baalncing router and 2 lines anyway as standard.

Secondly Avaya IP Office is the leading system and is easily expanded.

Finally - these guys are v useful

Good luck

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By iandc6
26th Apr 2013 10:17

VoIP for accountants

Hi all - I realise this is an old thread, but I thought it would be useful to share some experiences.

As per Ben's comments, broadband speed is less of an issue now. Although we actively recommend that if you are planning a VoIP installation you have a dedicated broadband line for this service - unless you already have fibre.

With regards remote working, most good voip systems will have apps available for your mobile phone. This means that even if you're not in your office, but you are available you can take calls as if you're in the office.

Please follow the link for more information about VoIP for Accountants




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