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Small Business Software

Small Business Software

Could anyone recommend accounts software which is suitable for a small one or two man business.

A low purchase cost and maintenance are required due to tight budgetary constraints.
Brian Robson


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09th Sep 2004 22:27

I've been using this small accounts package for my small business and find it very good, especially as you only pay for the features you need. You can download a free copy from If you don't like it you've lost nothing. It has also been accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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24th Aug 2004 12:05

Take a look at
Mamut is Norway's market leader and came to the UK early this year. Good value with a very broad all-inclusive package, includes accounting, invoicing, stock, order processing, project management, CRM and e-commerce. It's easy to use, comes with a self-training guide.

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By cbales
17th Aug 2004 18:20

Have a look at the different versions of QuickBooks accounting software available by going to .

We supply genuine QuickBooks software at discounted prices and no annual maintenace contract is needed. If you have an online connection to the computer that will run your accounts program, updates patches will normally be available for FOC download for around 3 years and the software should continue to run normally after that.

Telephone me on 01275-854237 if you would like to know more about what we could do for you. As well as QuickBooks 2004 editions, we have one copy of QuickBooks 2003 Regular remaining (last years edition) in stock. The 2003 edition is new unregistered genuine software at £50 including postage.
Chris Bales
[email protected]

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16th Aug 2004 17:22

Sage Instant
I, too, recommend Sage Instant V10 to the smaller sized clients. A great little program costing something in the region of £85 + VAT (price from

I have several clients using it, and they have no problems at all. It will, I feel sure, be able to handle the size business you are, in fact, some of my clients using it are slightly larger.

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By Anonymous
16th Aug 2004 18:50

VT Transaction
I recently moved away from Sage and it's the best thing I did.

VT Transaction is very simple to use and reasonable price considering it is unlimited multicompany.

Has different company layouts - Ltd, sole trader, partnership etc

Also links to VT Final accounts giving end of year accounts for a number of different companies - Ltd, sole trader, partnership etc.

go to

For payroll try Moneysoft, reasonable price simple to use and also multicompany

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By Anonymous
16th Aug 2004 16:24

Why not Sage Instant?
Am I the only one who is a little frustrated at the recommendation of Line 50 to just about everyone for everything?

If a small business wants to go the Sage route, it may be far more appropriate to recommend Sage Instant at a fraction of the cost of Line 50. If the business outgrows Instant then it can always upgrade to Line 50.

In my experience many small businesses wouldn't notice the difference between the two as the greater functionality of Line 50 is often unused.

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By dclark
17th Aug 2004 11:52

What do you do
Whilst Sage Instant or Quickbooks or VT or whatever may well do, can the writer please help describe what this business actually does, so respondents can point with a little more assurance !

Stock based - make sure you know what is really required. Lots of packages allow you to have stock items, but it is not until you want to part despatch, include serial numbers, retain history of orders, have multi location ,etc, etc that the offered solutions fall away

Service based - you can use many stock features to speed up entering, but job costing is a function that many packages are only just beginning to produce real functionality for from moving costs from one job to another without huge journals or to actually recoding time in a non-clunky way

So......what do you do !

Kind Regards

Daniel Clark
Ryba Macaulay Ltd
[email protected]

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By Abacjm
17th Aug 2004 13:35

Moneysoft Money Manager & Final Accounts
I would suggest that you try Moneysoft's Money Manager and Final Accounts. It will probably handle everything you want and is quite cheap. It comes with a Manual that is written from the non-Accountant point of view in plain English and if you are into payroll as well, get the Payroll Pro from them too. It is the best on the market, in my opinion.
Why pay for Sage which locks you into annual maintenance before you can move on to the next year? Sage always seems to be promoted by Accountants, becuse it is so restrictive on the operatives who use it day to day and has an unbreakable audit control system - which helps them, not you!

If you are the guy paying for the accounting system, get one that does what you want, not what it wants and if you can get all that for a few quid, why pay hundreds?

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18th Aug 2004 10:10

Quick Books thru Clearly Business
Subject to the comments re the activity of the business but remember Quick Books has soepecial versions for certain trades/professions called customised versions Quick Books is usually very sucessfully used by novice users.

I have put it into OMBs and the owner has quickly achieved control of all day to day accounting.

It so friendly and has such a good range of supporting services eg credit card links to Outlook etc etc that it should always be considered.

I would suggest that a user looks at the Barclays Business Manager package (,uk) which has:
Quick Books Pro
A comprehensive Human Resources and Health & Safety package to cope with the new rules from Oct. Plus online and phone help lines.
Business Plan Pro
Marketing Plan Pro

All for 18.95 plus vat per month for Barclays customers or 30.95 for the rest of us. This is seriously good value.

The second copy would be bought as just quick books.

We are based in North East but there are accountants in the Clearly Business programme all over. Barclays Small Business Managers can also sell the package.

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09th Sep 2004 17:28

What about TAS?
Personally I find Sage Line 50 a real pain to use. I much prefer TAS, it is far more user friendly, interactive and intuitive. The new TAS 2v4 has e-banking for BACS payments within TAS and various other nifty things. Look at

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20th Aug 2004 16:20

cash book solution
If you want a cash book solution then e-mail me and I will send you the cash book I have developed for some of my clients. Just tell me whether you are VAT registered or not. Cash Book is free!

Roland Boggon
[email protected]

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