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Small Claims Court

How does it work

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I am about to take ex-client to the small claims court about some outstanding fees.  Never been through the process so would appreciate any guidance and tips

1. I understand we need to send a letter before action or will a email suffice giving say 14 days notice to pay otherwise legal proceedings will commence ?  

2. How long does it the process take and are there delays due to the Pandemic ?

3. Can we obtain witness statements ?

4. I understand we can charge court fees and interest but what happens if we submit the claim and then the client pays in full.   Can we still pursue the client for court fees and interest ?

5. I assume there are no credit status implications for the client 

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By paddy55
12th Mar 2021 12:30

You mention that the money is owed in relation to two companies. Be aware that if the money is owed by a company, then you must sue the company and not the directors or shareholders.

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Replying to paddy55:
12th Mar 2021 15:15

but hopefully both, if your L of E has a personal guarantee

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