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Small Company Dissolution

Small Company Dissolution


Can anyone confirm the procedure and timescale for dissolving a small limited company with one shareholder/director and an insolvent balance sheet with the directors loan account being the only creditor.

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By vin
15th Jun 2012 11:14

Company dissolution

If the company has not traded for 3 months you can file for dissolution using form DS01 available from the Companies House website.

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15th Jun 2012 12:13

Make sure everyone knows

As detailed on the form make sure that anyone who might be interested gets a copy of it.

Whilst there is now no formal clearance procedure with HMRC make sure the Corp Tax affairs are up to date and that, if necessary, when sending them a copy of the form you inform them that there has been no trading activity to report since the last set of accounts.

Similar considerations with PAYE & VAT.  I had a dormant company struck off a few months back where, despite promising to do so, the client had not closed the PAYE scheme and is still being pestered for two year's blank P35s and penalties.  Clearly they will eventually go away but you don't need the grief.

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15th Jun 2012 22:41

Thanks for your comments.

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16th Jun 2012 12:38

Then, wait 3 months

When you file a form DS01, Companies House publishes 3 months notice of its intention to strike the company from the register.  Assuming no-one objects (which is why you need to square the position with HMRC), the company will be dissolved about 3½ months after filing the DS01.

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20th Jun 2012 16:15

Have a look at s1000-1034 Companies Act 2006

This contains all the detailed legal stuff.

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