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Hi all I’m wondering if anyone can give me an idea of an average salary for an ACCA qualified accountant at a small practice in Scotland? I’ve just been offered a job but I’m unsure if it’s too low. I’ve always worked in industry so I’ve no idea. I’m returning after a career break too. 


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paddle steamer
28th Aug 2018 17:59

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
28th Aug 2018 17:38

id edit your name out of your profile as its public.

The big recruiters publish salary surveys.

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By marks
28th Aug 2018 21:40

Depends on a number of factors

1. Where in Scotland. (Glasgow and Edinburgh will pay higher rates than other parts of Scotland)

2. How long you have been qualified

3. What relevant experience you have.

Given you have always worked in industry and are returning after a career break (so will probably not be up to date with current tax, accounts disclosure and cloud accounting packages etc, accounting software, PM software etc) then you would probably be on a lower end of the scale.

We are a small practice based in Central Scotland and would probably pay £25k - £30k for a qualified ACCA accountant. Given your experience etc you would probably be at the lower end of that bracket.

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By Tom 7000
04th Sep 2018 11:46

Remember either way tax is less in England :)

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Replying to Tom 7000:
paddle steamer
04th Sep 2018 12:03

Readily caught up by no university tuition fees for first degrees re your kids and free prescriptions;

Scotland, the educated but poorly Nation

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