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Small Practice software configuration-best 2020?

Suggestions for best hosted service or Google Drive to use

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Hi to All Practitioners working remotely these days!

Got VT software for incomplete accounts, but need to have it on a serverless hosted service! Your suggestions on how to install on a network, to be able to share and collaborate with my team? is google drive any good? how  much TB terabytes do I need to run VT, store correspondence, TaxFiler? or if there any other idea to have a hosted service, I really appreciate it? Any suggestions for a cheap Tax filing software that beats Taxfiler in price and service speed? Your suggestions or current software that you use for storage/sharing and service access from everywhere, would be helpful to choose best set up?

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By daniel_
28th Apr 2020 18:37

Taxfiler and VT for sure.

We don't have a hosted setup but have all of our files including .vtr ledgers stored on a Synology NAS at the office which is also our OpenVPN server. Now that we're remote working, staff connect to the VPN and mount the shared drive in Windows. Not really had any issues with accessing the .vtr ledgers over the VPN yet with maximum of 5 or 6 concurrent users, but none of them have *that* many transactions. On one occasion the VT file had to be copied to the local machine to be worked on because it got a bit too big.

Our NAS is 2TB and aren't anywhere close to filling it after 3 years. The largest .vtr file is about 15MB.

There are a ton of cloud storage providers who allow you to mount the cloud drive directly to a PC and use it like it's connected normally, e.g. Egnyte.

I'd mention that for Moneysoft we have had a few more issues storing the .pay files remotely - it can slow down the whole thing quite a bit so we're currently using RDP to connect to a PC in the office when we need payroll. Not ideal but it works for now.

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