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Small UK company bought by large US group

Small UK company bought by large US group

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I've got a client, a company that would normally qualify as a small company. They've been bought by a large American group, so I want to check filing requirements. (I know an audit is required, and an auditor is being engaged). When it comes to the  accounts, am I correct in thinking that if any members of the group is a public company, then we need to produce full accounts? What if none of the members are public? 

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By paul.benny
21st Sep 2020 12:32

As you say, full accounts must be filed if the group contains a public company or one of certain other types of company. I'm not aware of a similar obligation if there is not a public company in the group.

Companies House guidance is here:

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By Mike Bath
22nd Sep 2020 12:21

If any member of the group is a traded company, then you cannot adopt small company exemptions in the UK entity. See Section 384 (2) (a) CA2006.

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