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Smart phone email signature - good business etiquette?

Smart phone email signature - good business...

I use my iphone to email clients when I am out and about. I have removed the standard email signature from that says emailed from my Iphone.

What is the point of letting people know which brand of smart phone I am using. It it this just showing off? Emailed from my Ipad is the one that really annoys me. Why just don't just say emailed from my mobile device? So please understand the short response.

Am I looking too much into this? Should I put back the standard Iphone signature?

What would be good business etiquette email signature when emailing from a mobile device?


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By Hansa
14th May 2012 09:58

sent from my XXX

I think there are two reasons this is done:-

1, The 'phone manufacturers want to promote their products and put the default "sent from my xxx" which appears semi automatically.

2.  Most people are too lazy to change it.

Having said that, I did change mine to "sent from my mobile" largely in order to advise people "I'm not at my desk so I can't reply in detail, but here's my quick response".



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14th May 2012 10:05

Agree with Hansa....

I have done much the same....felt a little odd detailing what make of phone i was sending from....just changed to mobile so client understood i may not have access to all information/able to make comprehensive reply.

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14th May 2012 11:09

Justsotax ....

.... and Hansa have indicated the benefit - it makes it clear that the person is probably away from their desk so unable to access certain resources. It also allows one to be a little more brief than they might otherwise be, without appearing to be rude.

Also, not all content on incoming messages may be accessible.

I prefer the "sent from my mobile brick" signature.

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14th May 2012 17:16

Cos Act

Just as a side point if you are a ltd co, no matter if you put emailed for xxx or not you will still need the company number, reg office etc to comply with cos act, so i have changed mine to be tyhe same as my office signature but with the added "sent from my mobile", for reasons mentioned above.

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